Christian Duvall, Principal and Founder of RainWell: Blending Technical Savvy with Strategic Leadership

Christian Duvall, Principal and Founder of RainWell. Coming from the Mon Valley with roots grounded in hard work and aspiration, Christian is a testament to transformative leadership. After stints as a software engineer and overcoming the hurdles of SEC regulations in a hedge fund venture, he co-founded RainWell, providing critical CTO services to businesses in need of strategic and transitional guidance.

Christian not only reflects on his biggest successes in tech leadership but also opens up about his unexpected journey from potential pharmacist to executive leader, and how hobbies like music and woodworking play a role in his life. He’s a firm believer in the foundational power of trust and is eager to share his forthcoming ebook series aimed at empowering CEOs.

Join us as Christian shares his evolution from a focus on objectives to a connected leadership style that prizes collaboration over competition, even among industry peers.

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