John Seiffer, former president of the International Coach Federation and the Angel Investor Forum: Leadership Lessons on Work-Life Balance and Effective Delegation

John Seiffer, a seasoned entrepreneur, coach, and the author of “Output Thinking.” With a career spanning decades and a track record of running companies remotely, John shares his journey from aspiring surgeon to successful business owner. We’ll explore the intriguing concept of “Output Thinking,” dive into the systems and processes that drive scalability, and discuss the challenges and rewards of work-life balance and transitioning to becoming an absentee owner. John offers invaluable advice for business owners and college graduates, emphasizing the importance of honing one’s expertise and understanding the nuances of managing both people and outputs. He also gives us a glimpse into his personal life, revealing a passion for traveling and woodworking with his wife. We’ll also uncover the critical factors that contribute to business success, from effective delegation to clearly defining outputs, and how these factors play into running a remote company. John’s practical tips and stories, including a candid discussion about his own regrets and lessons learned, promise to deliver a wealth of knowledge for both budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners. Stay tuned as we take a comprehensive look at John’s unique management approach, the significance of defining company values through visible behaviors, and much more. For those interested in further insights, John offers a free coaching session at

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