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Kevin Trout is the host of the “Three Rivers Leadership” radio show on 101.5FM, where he interviews Pittsburgh's high-performing CEO's, Business Owners and Executives to learn about their backgrounds and leadership styles. The shows air every Wednesday, and are available as a podcast.
As a Vistage Chair, Kevin is a coach, advisor and facilitator who leads several CEO peer-advisory groups that meet monthly to advise each other in a completely objective forum, where world-class speakers and subject matter experts from across the U.S. regularly present half-day in-depth explorations of C-Level business topics.

Background: Kevin is an experienced entrepreneur, business owner and sales professional with over 34 years of experience in the medical device industry. He was the Founder/President of Grandview Medical Resources, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; a specialty medical equipment distributor with an average annual growth rate of 23% per year, before selling his company in 2011.


Kevin is also a professional sales trainer, keynote speaker and certified Predictive Index Analyst & Master Trainer. Kevin had been a long-time member himself of Vistage Worldwide (the international association of CEOs), and previously a member of the industry’s premier trade association - IMDA (Independent Medical Distributors Association of North America), where he served as the President from 2009 - 2011 and Executive Board Member from 2006 - 2011.
Kevin holds a Degree in Pre-Law/Criminology with a minor in Business Administration from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a Degree from the University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business - Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, and a Certification from Harvard Business School’s Continuing Education Leadership Programs



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