Bharath R. Bangalore, Founder of Blue Ocean Strategic Partners: Why Being a Constant Learner Matters in a Rapidly Evolving Workplace

Season 2, Episode 4 – Bharath R Bangalore, founder of Blue Ocean Strategic Partners and former CFO of Nemacolin and Woodlands Resort. Bharath shares his experiences of transitioning out of the hotel and restaurant industry due to poor work-life balance, and how having good mentors in his life, including his late brother-in-law, helped him. He also discusses how his company uses process automation and intelligent process automation to help small and medium-sized businesses become efficient, and why he encourages setting a high standard and learning from mistakes. Kevin and Bharath also touch on the world’s mental health crisis and the importance of understanding ourselves before we expect something else. Listen to this episode to learn about Bharath’s journey and lessons on leadership, entrepreneurship, failure, and success.

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