Vistage Membership Opens up a Whole New World of Possibilities

Having been a CEO myself, I can fully appreciate the burdens that come with the job. If you are like my other chief executive members, not only can it feel extremely lonely at the top, but it can also be daunting to find trustworthy and agenda-free guidance when you need it the most.
Vistage changes all of that. As a Vistage member, you will become part of a local, tight-knit group of CEOs dedicated to each other’s mutual success. Additionally, as part of Vistage, you join a community of over 45,000 CEO and executive members from around the world in 38 countries. Together we are committed to helping high-integrity & high-performing leaders be the best versions of themselves for their companies, families, and communities.
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Myths about Peer Groups.

I won't learn anything new
from someone else.

You won't always have all the answers to every problem but another Vistage member might! Keep an open mind to learn something from others. Take it from our current members. Each one will tell you: I have learned fundamental lessons from each person in my group.

I have secrets I can't trust others with.

All Vistage members first learn how to be trustworthy. Then naturally you will learn how to trust others. All groups begin by studying how to properly maintain confidentiality in order to sustain honest sharing.

I have an advisory board already.

Your friends, family, and other trusted advisors may give good advice but their love for you, their desire to impress you, etc. creates an agenda that affects their advice. Vistage groups will offer all members good agenda-free advice. In fact, our highest performing members listen to the advice they are given at Vistage.

I have an executive coach already.

While executive coaching is a beneficial resource, peers will hold you accountable more effectively than a single coach can. In addition, every one-on-one coaching session with one of our Vistage Chair members is tested by the peer group. The combination of individual coaching and a peer group at Vistage increases the leadership growth of members.

I have a peer group already.

A peer group is an excellent resource if it is functioning properly. Does your current peer group meet regularly? Does it have a trained chairperson? All Vistage chairs undergo countless hours of training every year. All meetings are productive where members leave with the knowledge to lead their own meetings.

I do not have the money for it.

Joining Vistage is a way to invest in your individual growth as a leader. Instead of looking at your finances as a whole take a look at your budget for professional development. Vistage members don't join to throw their money away, they join for the ROI.

I am too busy with my own business."

Vistage members report that investing energy on their business (instead of in their business) with their peer group makes them more powerful and effective business leaders. Promptly after joining Vistage, members find that they are accomplishing more in less time than before.

When I have more time I'll join.

There will always be another project or time-sensitive thing that needs to get done in the future. You have to make time to invest in your own business development. The majority of Vistage members wished they had joined six or 12 or year and a half prior.

I do not have the time to join.

You think your time is valuable? We all have the same amount of hours in a week. The only difference is how we choose to spend our time. Vistage members did not join because they had time to spare, they joined because they find value in Vistage and are very conscious of how they invest their time. Within 45-90 days of joining Vistage, members report allocating their time more effectively and to things that matter most in their lives.

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